Hello and welcome to my corner of the World. I truly hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions feel free to ask away and I will do my best to answer them.

We all take a journey through life and for me my photography journey began back in 1995 with my first sale. It was an image of Portland Head Light called "Dusting of Snow". There was something "magical" with being able to capture a "moment in time" and save it for eternity. The fact I could sell it and someone would have "that" moment on their walls was moving to me.

The journey began then and has continued over the years. That fire and desire continues today. A few years back I found out that I was able to connect with wildlife on a very different and unique level. A level that was unexplainable as it was not uncommon for me to wish to see something and then have it appear or for other animals to walk closer to me. I find wildlife and they let me into their World and interact with me. I often find that we are looking at each other eye to eye and sharing a bond. It is amazing and I believe you can see that in the images they let me capture of them, their personality and souls come shining through. 

I have written a book on these amazing experiences and how a city boy learned to become one with Nature. I am working on a second book as well. For more information on the book click here.

Photography still brings a smile to my face daily. I have recently discovered that I can paint. I started in August of 2013 and sold my first painting in September of 2013. This has allowed me to express what I see in the World in a new way.

The journey continues to evolve and I hope you enjoy your visit here and stop back again.

Your support is what allows me to keep doing what I love for a living. Thank you.

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