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The journey you are invited on by the author truly brings you to places within Nature that you do not get to venture into very often. The experiences are shared in a way that you feel as though you are right there looking over Lloyd's shoulder and into the eyes of the animal; directly into the animal's or bird's very soul and being. He invites you to a point where your own heart begins to race from the adrenaline of the encounters. 

If that was all this book contained, then it would still be an extremely satisfying book to read, but we are not left there. The images in the book are simply stunning and take you ever deeper into the stories. You "see" the animals up close in their environment. 

The author takes the time to explain how you too can have experiences out in the wilderness, in a way that is safe for you and for the wildlife you encounter. e invites and challenges you to listen to what is around you in nature. The author also offers you the chance to learn how to be free of the concrete and steel cities, and immerse yourself into the joy of "Nature's Mystical World". 

Truly a journey that takes you deeper into the beauty of the wilderness, even if you never step foot into the woods, you will escape with Lloyd on his journeys.

Pathways; Words From My Soul is currently only available in eBook format. 

Over 300 poems in this ebook. The poems will make you laugh, cry, and even think. They go back over many years of writing.

Let's Take A Journey; Inside Nature's Mystical World is available in paperback and eBook. The paperback edition has black and white images while the eBook edition has color photographs.

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