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Let's Take A Journey; Inside Nature's Mystical World is available in paperback and eBook. The paperback edition has black and white images while the eBook edition has color photographs.

Author Lloyd W. Alexander is back with another journey for all ages. We are invited to look over the authors' shoulder as he observes a Common Loon nesting. We are taken through the many ups and downs that he observes. It sounds simple to sit on a nest and wait till the eggs hatch but we find out differently. The rollercoaster ride is one that will tug at your emotions and and have you eager to see what is next. You will not see a nesting loon in the same way again.

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Pathways; Words From My Soul is currently only available in eBook format. 

Over 300 poems in this ebook. The poems will make you laugh, cry, and even think. They go back over many years of writing.

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